Saturday, 2 December 2006


Today is Saturday, weekend. Me and my family suppose to be out as per yesterday's plan. But, unfortunately, it was raining since earlier. I woke up at 5 am this morning hoping to see sunshine and clear sunny day. Yet, the rain seems like forever. You know, the kind of light rain that pour down every half and hour, stop for five minutes, then start pouring again? Yup, that kind of rain....

Dude, you know what, my life more or less like the first, you go out into it willingly and dance, full or energy and excitements, splashing, jumping and singing, but once you are soaked down to the skin, you realized how cold it can truly be. You could feel chill in your soul, cold, hard drops of water pound your exposed skin. That's the life I'm in right to join me? Still plenty of room if you want to...I don't mind, really.....LOL!

Anyway, although it is raining outside, I promised my wife to take her to Open Market today (where we buy most of our Asian delicacies and spices) located approximately 15 to 20 minutes drive from our house (depends on the traffic though)..Can you believe the average speed limit in town area is 50km/hr? More than that, if you get caught for speeding (CCTV like 'BIG BROTHER' here..they are everywhere!!), Euro3 for every km/hr you crashed into. Don't ask and don't let me start...(maybe I will bring this topic up someday).

At 10:00 am, rain still out there and no sign nor bell of halting. I really hope eventually it will cease out. Unfortunately something telling me she's not slowing down.

Because of untimely rouse earlier this morning my head felt slightly dizzy..but I'll managed...for driving of coz!...errk..I think. Anyway, after a simple breakfast, a cup of black tea and a slice of bread, me, my lovely wife and my daughter packed our self up and off we go! Well there goes my story for today, in Saturday morning, sweet and bitter rainy day.


"Rain, rain, go away...Come again some other day"

"We want to go outside and play...Come again some other day"

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