Tuesday, 19 December 2006


Yesterday, me and my daughter cruising along at the nearby park in Wateringen. While walking and talking to her (I know one or two baby language...ehehhehe), I managed to grab a few shot that I would like to share. It is winter now 'they' said..the view was impressive. Pity the quality of pictures (amateur), as I am obviously not a professional photographer. Can you imagine if I am one? LOL

There were houses nearby, a playground and also benches along the small canal for tired traveller, couple of bridge and a mini football field. One or two jogger jogging along the sidewalk of the park. The temperature about 7 degree C at that time..quite cold for an Asian like us. Even my daughter's nose getting red..ehehhehe..

A group of duck trailing us along the canal waiting for free lunch..memula sekor, then another, another duck 'ducking' in and the next thing you know, almost 20 of them following us! I think some of them get bored tailing us without getting anything, so, they decided to go ashore. And there was this one little 'fellow' managed to tracked us down very near and he almost take a bite of my daughter's finger! Well, I guess those ducks were not ducks you like to fool around like the old days...these ducks different, they were rough. Better stand down..ehehehhe


'Sayang Singkarak kotanya tinggi,

Asam pauh dari seberang,

Awan berarak hamba tangisi,

Dagang jauh di rantau orang'


'Tudung saji hanyut terapung,

Disulam mari dengan benang,

Hajat hati nak pulang ke kampung,

Lautan lebar tidak terenang'


'Bengis sungguh orang pangkalan,

Lalu lalang perahu dihalang,

Menangis dagang sepanjang jalan,

Mengenang nasib di negeri orang'