Wednesday, 2 July 2008

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blog, journal, diary..whatever you call it...for me, all the same thing. expressions of individuals. some blogger love to write. they will write anything whenever they have the chance. some blogger like to post pictures, tonnes of pictures. pictures of their new rides, pets, favourite foods/drinks/books, places (like me, ehehheheh) and most of all (after browsing other blogs), pictures or material memories of their new born baby or photos/stories of their new addition in the family. here are things i tots the most famous pictures/photos ever posted or published;

- pictures/videos of thier new born baby (especially first child)well...who dont, heheh

- first baby's step

- first tooth

- first time standing on their own

- first that and first this.....etc

- bla bla bla (the list continues, never ends)

anyway, what about their second child? third and so forth? will they getting the same attention as his/her brother/sister has? tepuk dada tanya selera. whatever they did will never be the 'first' because whatever happens, she/he always be second. whatever new things the second child does, the first child already done it.

"look! she biting her toe! hhmmm...ok, her brother can bite both his toes" hehehe, 4 example.

i remember during the first week i was elected as prefect. apa2 perubahan yang kami (pengawas baru) buat, ex-prefects akan berkata;

" 'penyapu baru', bila dah lama-lama diaorang akan boring jugak.."

as far as im concern, we did. in certain areas but not all. hehehhe

so, will the new parent get bored as well? i mean after the second child came into view, what will be their plans for the little fellow? same or slightly less/more? more pictures this time maybe or more videos so that we can publish it in YouTube. Maybe...

P.S. saya budak baru belajar, kalau salah tolong tunjukkan

until then

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