Wednesday, 14 November 2007

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Have u ever heard a book called "bathroom reader"? i never realise these kind of book existed before few months ago. I'm impressed with the ideas, you know..instead of waiting to 'offloading' your excess baggage or counting how many offloading you're gonna make.....spending your time reading with your own quiet time in mind..well its a bliss!..wasn't it? enjoying your bathroom scenery...(hhmm..did i wash my underwear yesterday...~just a tot) not a very good idea either. with this book, never again will you have that last minutes scramble for the perfect read. all you need for supreme bathroom satisfaction is this absorbing tome!

fyi, the contents are divided by length for our own convenience, for example. 'Quickie' for those who really on the go, 'Regular Length' for those who have a few minutes to spare (maybe accompany by a stick of cigarette) and the 'Extended Sitting Section' which you may experience leg-numbing situations-not recommended (boleh kena buasir).

anyways, bini aku pada mulanya tau tabiat aku, pernah gelakkan aku, tapi.. dia pun dah terikut2.. well, kepada sesapa yg mempunyai tabiat yg sama, boleh la mendapatkan buku2 tersebut. Banyak cerita2 menarik tentang sejarah, geografi, sains, pop culture, just name it.. also you will find humor, trivia, mythology and also IQ test!

The Author is Uncle John's or visit this website

P.S. hmmm buat koleksi bagus gak nih.. :)

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