Thursday, 23 August 2007

--~@ Summer Holiday- Chech Republic @~--

destination, Chech Republic

early this month, we made a visit to Chech Republic (summer holiday). From Wateringen, it took us approximately 12hrs journey (838km). We drove cross Germany before arrived at Karlovy Vary. the initial plan was we stay in Prague, tapi sebab nak shopping kristal, so..we stayed at Karlovy Vary instead.

stop utk makan and stretching, 15 minutes pit stop.

kami tinggal di Humboldt Park Hotel & Spa. We spend 3 nights there. Puas la shopping. as usual, women have all the fun and the man just watch as the wallet getting thinner and thinner. Cash berkadar songsang dengan masa.

clean air and cool breeze early in the morning before shopping spree begins. (from the 5th floor of our hotel's room)

one thing i really like about this old town is its unique concepts of architecture. It is so beautiful, solitary and romantic. There always couples everywhere with their little honeymoon.

walking alone could makes you feel calm and relax.

between the two phase of an era

Karlovy Vary also known as Carlsbad (native tongue) situated in the western Bohemia, Carlsbad is the largest spa town in Bohemia also famous with its glass and crystal manufacturing. In Carlsbad there were 12 natural warm spring. Most people believe these spring have beneficial power to threat disease of gastrointestinal system. The most important of the 12 warm spring is "vridlo", whose 73 Degree C water shoots up to the height of 12 m.

up the steps and to the left. Thats where 'vridlo' is. Pity, i never had a chance to snap any pictures.

"Hadi", one of the 12 natural warm spring in Carlsbad

fresh warm spring flow underneath the old town

here amongs these pillars, located 6 from 12 natural warm spring with each one of them have different temperature.

Shopping crystals and chandelier in Carslbad is a must. The price is very cheap! cheap! compare to anywhere else. Some shopper like to shops crystal and Chandelier in Poland, but I'm talking about very fine design, hand made and high quality, prominent personalities of Chech glass art.

Apart from its crystal and spa, Carlsbad is also well known for its porcelain manufacture, its Becher liqueur, its wafer, Mattoni mineral water and the local film festival. In fact International Film Festival presents annually here in Carlsbad.

penat shopping, boleh ronda-ronda ngan keta kuda (euro40/hr)

nice weather to walk in the park

the 'black tower', one of the old monument here in Karlovy Vary

kambang si dayang ani, sambil bejalan sambil belagu.

all and all, it was a very pleasant and satisfying summer holiday. and we are planning to have a visit here again next summer if 'other' planned trip cancel of coz. And this time, with more cash and time to spend......~grin

P.S. sapa nak kirim kristal n chandelier?

until then


jelin said...

bestnye jalan2... :)
patut ler senyap semacam jer

pejaghazali said...

best2 :D next?? eee geramnye aku!!

silabi said...

datang la..datang la..ala datang la..ehheheh. kita konvoi!

jelin said...

nk convoi ke Australia n NZ dulu... takut kawan balik msia.. solo boleh la konvoi.. kalau ada baby ... kena pikir dulu..

pejaghazali said...

NZ, kalu takde apa2 2011. eermm may be sebulan :D tu pun kalu ada duit..
tp, ada baby pun tadak haal..tak gitu zack?? ;)

agus said...

Uih! Gila bes!

Lama sik nangga kau, rambut pun dah spiky.

silabi said...

bukan apa gus, susah mauk gunting eambut. bagus aku guting dirik empun..ehheheh. ya yang jadik tercacak ya (mauk cover silap guntin) LOL.

jelin ko nak gi ngan peja ko? peja ko nak gi ngan sapa? aku join leh? anak bawak je lah. lagi pun, kalau nak gi 2001, anak2 korang suma dah besar..konpem ka?

p.s. update ja, jgn tak update.

jelin said...

insyaallah.. cam Peja kata.. kena pikir duit dulu... lani dh kena start menabung...hahahah... cam Euro Trip 2007 (simpanan dari 2005 lagi)... kalau nk convoi dgn family pn boleh gak... tp 2011 tu lama sangat ler... nnt member kat Australian n NZ balik Msia daaaa...

silabi said...

itu bisa diatur bang..kalau mmbr NZ balik takpa. wife pejakan org NZ, dia mesti ada sedara mara kat sana..ehhehe. leh lah tumpang semalam dua.