Friday, 31 August 2007

---~@ Chech Republic Part II @~---

next stop, Prague or Praha. Approximately 127km (lebih kurang 2 jam driving) from karlovy vary.

signboard..sentimental value beb

center of town, Old City Square also known as 'stare mesto'

The Astronomical Clock on the City Hall

Charles IV was responsible for the construction of a cathedral within the Castle walls to replace the Romanesque basilica. From the Third Courtyard, we can see the twin 19th Century neo-Gothic towers.

the cathedral was within this gates and guarded by two massive and magnificent statue, quite impressive isn't it (those guards in blue uniform only actors, those two monster above their heads are the man in charge).~grin

side view of the castle also known as Saint Guy Castle

Guard changing ceremony

striking view from the castle square

St. Paulus statue inside the cathedral

15 minutes walk down the path is the famous Charles bridge

Charles Bridge

this slightly curved of Charles Bridge offers views of the distant edges of the city and is an open-air museum. There are around 30 statues on the bridge's struts, most of which were erected in the 18 centuries, making it a real guard of honour for those crossing.

one of many magnificent buildings in front of the castle.

nak balik dah....penat

P.S. bila tengok negara orang, nampak cantik dan menarik berbanding tempat sendiri. tapi bak kata pepatah " hujan emas negara orang, hujan batu negara sendiri, lebih baik negara sendiri"

until then

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HERMZZ said...

Kalau kediaku, Hujan Amas di negri urang, ujan batu negri sendiri, baik tah negri urang. Dapat mengumpul amas bawa muleh negri sendiri. DApat jua belureh usin