Wednesday, 12 November 2008

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Today is one of those perfect days, weather-wise, for this time of year. A kind of summer-autumn hybrid where the weather doesn't quite seem to have made up its mind. And yet today its still unmistakeably Autumn, i think. do u think so? nvm

I walked out of the door this morning, and, for the second (really? i cant remember) time this year, I could see my breath on the air. The car windows were still wet in the weak morning sun. As I drove my wife to work, leaving the edge of our town centre for the fields and farmland the sun was trying its best to shine through the haze, but not quite managing it. And, revealing an almost frosty landscape shimmering in the morning sun.

Its warmer now (they say) but i think its getting colder and colder, the sun has gathered its strength, and won the battle with the early morning clouds (today tho..). But there's still that slight edge to the warmth, the chill which cooled my breath this morning, and will freeze the dew drops tonight. That crispness that catches my breath, that waves goodbye to summer, and brings with it the promise of winter!

This kind of weather dares you not to feel down, challenges you to look on the positive side. Worries unfortunately do not disappear as easily as the morning mist, but you can still enjoy the sun meanwhile. Pleasure in the simple things.

And with that, since i have an appointment today, i better get on my way and oh yes, enjoying the sun!.

P.S today's appointment...i hope it wont cost me so much!

until then

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