Friday, 18 January 2008

---~@ santai minum kopi@~---

ever wonder wat they wud look like without any makeups on? i do. they dun look as beautiful as wat we seen on tv. with makeups...colour there, powder here, touch here a little bit, opps! dun forget the lips gloss, men were dying to see their wet lips..and at the end...wallah astonishing face! but without them...hehehhe.

nicollette sheridan with her groceries

alamak..julia robert ke tu?

jessica simpson

jessica alba..shes a natural beauty

jennifer garner, i dun realise she got a lovely smile

hilary duff

heidi klum?

eva longoria? is tat u?

drew barrymore

brooke shields

alicia silverstone

P.S. kalau artis mesia tak pakai makeup? penah tengok cakerapilihan 'keranamu durian' kat tv3? rita rudaini without her makeup (well for me she dun wear any), cuba tengok

until then

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