Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Autumn in My heart


Early Autumn

Don't you love autumn (fall)? Is it the most beautiful time of the year? Well, it is my first ever autumn experience in my entire life since 29 years ago. If you ask me, My answer obviously "Yeah! I love autumn" (that's the idea-the blog...).

Yes! I love the autumn (again). I love early autumn when the weather is settled and mild, and the leaves are just starting to turn. I love the mid-autumn when the trees are golden and red and brown and the leaves crunch beneath your feet. I love it when the sunsets are fantastic and there's a lovely feeling to the air, and even when the weather's stormy and blustery and you have to start wearing warm clothes. Ahh, it's put me in such a good mood thinking about it...

Colours of Autumn

Another glimpse of autumn

More Autumn

View from my wife's office at Rotterdam (almost end of autumn)

Autumn also known as fall in North American English is one of the four temperate seasons, the transition from summer into winter. In the temperate zones, autumn is the season during which most crops are harvested, and deciduous trees lose their leaves or should i say their hair..... It is also the season where days rapidly get shorter and cooler, the nights rapidly get longer, and of gradually increasing precipitation in some parts of the world. And also, for most Korean movies fanatics, autumn also known as 'romantic seasons'. Season which people falling in love, snuggling arms, where all the romantics and fairy tales stories pop up in view. And of coz, it is the season for married couples making babies! Yup..it is.

A few weeks back, a friend asked me how is autumn over there (Holland).

"Aiseh, macam cerita autumn in my heart dalam tv tu.." I replied.

Actually, there were several Korean's love story related with autumn, for example, 'Autumn Tale', 'A Tale of Autumn', 'Endless Love', and of coz, 'Autumn in My Heart' and banyak lagi autumn sana and autumn sini. For those who fond for korean love and romantic story, I assume you know better than me.

Later, after several more conversation (bla bla bla bla ) about autumn, he gave me the ultimate answer, the bestest of all!.

"Yalah, autumn makes people falling in love all over again, the wonder of its beauty takes your breath away and where love find its perfect place in ones heart.., that's the beauty of it. Walking through Autumn leaves with your love one brings back memories of magic moments together".

Alamak beb, jiwanglah mamat ni, tapi ada betulnya apa yang dia kata.
I am speechless. Dude, he is 29, a 'rich' bachelor, nice car and money to spend...and yet he talked about love? Dude, why standing there? Wake up! Go find a chick and get married, have a couple of children of your own and settle down.... And he did. Kenduri this December. Woah...truly, i did not know autumn had made such an impact in individual love self esteem.

Another view from my wife's office (opposite direction)

The sky looks gorgeous in Autumn

And this coming December, my youngest brother will have his wedding, the wedding of his life. He will be unite with his one and only true love. The important piece in his life will be craft forever and for eternity. The beginning of everything..... Autumn sure makes a differences in ones love. Autumn is the season of LOVE, a season of change, we matured and with that so did our love...

My youngest brother and his lovely wife

The moon shimmers through the branches

So, farewell season of love... and let winter snow walk through my door.

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